Life Has a Way...

March 20, 2020

 Wow! Life has a way of keeping one away from one's focus and that is what has happened to me in the past few months. Then this microscopic invader enters our world on a global level and suddenly we are rethinking all our daily activities. Combing through and sorting as we would a drawer that is cluttered. Straightening out our priorities with a new found fervor to reach out to one another in love and caring. This is a time ripe with possibilities and potential as we are distracted from our fevered drive to attain and possess often at the expense of relationships. Would you agree that on many levels we have forgotten why we are here together at this time? It is not an accident, it is a blessing that we have forgotten all too easily.


As I sit here in my home, working at my small stay at home job, answering emails, keep track of data, and restricted even further from being with other human beings, I become aware of the fact that we are one and we are interdependent. What would I do without the ladies, and one gentleman :) who bring my groceries at risk to themselves? What would we do without the doctors, nurses and other medical staff that are fighting desperately all over this world to keep us safe and well. But... weren't we always and in all ways blessed by these souls before the virus? Weren't we all connected by our mutual needs and resources? That give and take that keeps our world going.




Then there are the ones that are not as privileged. Who have long been outside or on the fringe of that consumer loop. Can we begin now to experience what it means to be "inconvenienced" on a daily basis? So, as I said, this is an opportunity to raise our awareness and to value those things that you can not buy or sell.


This virus, this COVID-19 is indiscriminate in its affect. It doesn't just pick on one town or state as in a tornado, it doesn't only affect a few islands in the Caribbean, it can touch every single person in this world. Man, woman, child, youth, black, white or brown. It isn't able to be thrown into a cage on the border and separated from its other germs therefore forgotten by everyone not touched by it. We are all subject and vulnerable to it.


Our energy fields are affected by the tumult that we are experiencing in our world. I feel it and see it in myself and my friends. The virus is just the capstone of events that have disrupted our energy both individually and collectively. It has awakened me to the potential of energy healing to contribute to the balancing that must take place on planet Earth and all her inhabitants. Because of this realization, I have decided to dedicate myself to Reiki and to health coaching for the foreseeable future.




Reiki is one of many energy modalities. It is very helpful in calling back those lost pieces of oneself and to gain greater clarity and calm. So, I am offering a package deal of 6 Reiki sessions, or health coaching sessions with the first 2 completely free. That is two hours free of charge as long as we work together for 4 further hours.


What you may experience working with me.


Reiki - I will make myself open to your spirit and your energy helpers telling me and my energy helpers what it is that you need in order to restore balance and calm in your being. I can do this via Zoom call as well because Reiki can be done at a  distance as well as in person. Depending on what we find, it may be dealt with in one session or in several. After the 6 sessions, I will be available for balancing as needed or other issues present. Book here.


Health Coaching - Through talking with you about what you eat and through combining Reiki energy, we will listen to what foods your body needs to function at its highest level. We all have different needs nutritionally speaking, and I will never tell you what you need to eat or what not to eat. That is a very personal choice so we will explore and find out together. Book here.




I am so looking forward to working with you and seeing how we can add to the wellness of humanity.


Please book online and we can get started as soon as we can talk on Zoom or the phone.
















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