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Angels of Humility

July 26, 2019

 There were also angels. They were humble and unobtrusive because they sometimes punish the good but I will never forget them and all that they did and do to care for the quality of life and preserving the dignity of their patients.


I believe that in any environment where the care of those that are dependent there is the inclination to complain about them and having worked with pre-school aged children most of my life, I understand this. Often, however, it is taken too far and there builds up this culture of superiority and disdain. It is this that we must watch out for. The angels do this as well but not to a harmful level and not daily; chronically. 


In a myriad of ways they come to love their wards, to share in life with them and that is the most validating feeling. For example, there was a woman, let's call her Fran, she had a lot of foot pain and it increased to the point that she no longer wanted to get in her wheelchair. Her family was very loving but didn't have a lot of money so this aid went out to Goodwill and bought her some second-hand shoes that were a bit flashy because Fran loved flashy. See this.


There was a patient whose family hardly ever came to visit so angel number 2 would spend her breaks in her room watching television and laughing with her at least twice a week. That was a selfless act that shone with love. 


There was a nurse who knew her patient was addicted to pain pills due to advanced MS. This nurse had the responsibility of passing meds to 38 patients but she knew that the the lady was stressing about when her pain pills were going to come so the nurse started with her. That seems like a small thing but in reality it added time to her already long day.


There are many other stories such as these and I will tell them as time goes on but I have to add that these employees were often targeted to work more hours to pick up the slack for others not as dedicated to their jobs but they never lost their humanity or their values. I salute you!


































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