4 Warning Signs to Look For In Care Facilities

May 31, 2019

What should you look for when searching for a care facility for your loved one? Here are a few of the many red flags that should send you straight out the door if you see them in a place that you are considering.


1. The smell. Yes there is going to be a lot of care being given to the incontinent in a facility but there is no reason that the halls should smell like it. Now if you come at a time when the care is being provided at that moment, then cut them some slack but if you come and repeatedly are confronted with bad odors, then the residents are not being cared for promptly. That is a concern; a serious concern. Scent is a very important part of the overall well-being of us human beings and can be especially important for the elderly or ill. Take a look here


2. Where are the aids and nurses? There should be staff all over. Interacting with residents, in rooms offering care and there should be loving and patient sounds coming from all corners. Is the staff huddled by the desk? Are the nurses so busy that they don't have time to talk to anyone? These are indicators of the staff to resident ration and the quality of care that your loved one will receive. This is a chronic and serious problem all over and the only way that the conditions will change is if family members and legal and non-legal advocates speak up regularly. Take a look at this.


3.  What are the residents doing? You are going to see some residents that are not engaged due to illnesses such as Alzheimer's but there should be activities and business going on at least in 1/4 of the spaces occupied by the patients. There should be a certain level of engagement between them as well. Do they look alive? Do they look like they are content? These are important indicators of the activities offered but also and more importantly, it shows that there might be over-medicating going on. Take a look at this interview.


4. Finally, Where are the administrators? Are they accessible to you and to the residents? Are they approachable? Will they answer your questions in a professional and direct manner? This is very important because you will have dealings with them at some point and you need to be able to find them and feel comfortable telling them what you need to say. To care for those who can't care for themselves should be the motivation of any facility administrator. It is a high calling that should be occupied by those who truly wish to serve the vulnerable. See this.


If you'd like to know the other things that we need to be watchful of, please don't hesitate to contact me!










































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