Taking Time

March 25, 2019


"Take Your time, Carol" or "A stitch in time saves nine"! These were words of advice that my mother often offered me throughout my life while she was here on this earth. I, however, have always been a get it done kind of person who wants to see results. In my sixtieth year I am learning that there may be some truth in the value of taking your time. I know, mom, you told me so.


I have added a service to my repertoire and that is elder health coaching. I received my certification from Dr. Sears Prime Time Health Coaching class and I am thrilled. I am dedicated to making the later years more substantive, healthy and most importantly, safe.


I also took the time to spiff up this website in the hopes of making it easier to navigate. With so many services offered, it was hard to get to the one service that you may want.


It also seemed timely to offer personalized packages instead of 1 price fits all. Some of you may want Reiki with health coaching but not elder advocacy which would change the pricing so now you can tell me what you want and we can talk about the costs involved.


It is my mission in life to make sure that you or your loved one have the greatest quality of life possible. To feel good and be as active as you wish but most importantly to be safe and cared for in a respectful and loving way!


So come on over and have a look at our time saving new features! 


All Love,















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