It Has Been A While, Huh?

December 25, 2018


Hello Again!! I have missed writing here but we at CHAT have been going through some improvements and they were taking up much of my time. I thought I would share them with you from the large to the very small changes and give you a little peek into the goings on around here. First though, let us wish you all the best holiday season of your dreams, whatever you may celebrate!


The very smallest change truly has nothing to do with business or the elderly and that is that I got my hair cut. You have no idea what a big step that was for me. At 60 years of age to let go of my long but thinning hair was a major triumph for me.




Here at CHAT, we had our first client for our advocacy services. I have to admit that it was a sad case because of new nursing home rules in our and many other states but I will write more on that in an upcoming post. They seemed pleased with the services that we provided and will be writing a review for this website.


We have added a new service here as well. Certification as a health and wellness coach specifically for adults and seniors has been completed and we are looking forward to sharing some of the new nutritional information gained about our body's needs as we get older. Again, posts soon to follow.


Finally, the biggest change has been in attitude. There was a period where we tried to fit into the old business model where getting money is the sign of success and while it is important, it is not the most important aspect of business. We want a business that strives for sacredness, where the client receives a service and offers one as well. It is that flow that makes for a successful business in our book. In Reiki there is a principle of always exchanging energy when offering a session. Sometimes that energy is in the form of money but it is made pure by the intent of each party. Fear of "not enough" is being rooted out at CHAT and we are sure that the people that can benefit from what we have to offer are awaiting our call.
















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