4 Tips for Healthy and Fulfilled Aging

October 28, 2018

We have a guest blogger with us today. Karen Weeks saw our site and wanted to contribute and since we are all about healthy aging, we agreed! We hope you enjoy.



4 Tips for Healthy and Fulfilled Aging

A lot of things change as you grow older, but your thirst for life shouldn't! Life in your 60s and beyond can be just as lively and fulfilling as your younger years. That's especially true once you have extra time on your hands post-retirement.


Unfortunately, many of us think it's “too late” for a lot of things once we reach seniorhood. We tell ourselves there's no point trying to change our health, make new friends or find romance now that we're card-carrying senior citizens. But the truth is, life is worth enjoying at every age, and it's never too late to renew your passion for living.


If you want to grow older and enjoy doing it, here's what you need to do.

Watch Your Diet

Age-related dietary changes make healthy eating more important than ever. In general, seniors’ calorie needs decrease but their nutritional needs remain high. That means you need to pack as much nutrition as possible into every bite.


If you have trouble preparing well-balanced meals at home, whether that's because you're homebound or you simply lack motivation to shop and cook, modern technology has your back. You can use apps that help you create and stick to healthy shopping lists and even have groceries delivered to your home. If you're not much of a cook or tend to eat the same meals repeatedly, a meal delivery service takes the work out of preparation by delivering pre-measured ingredients to your door. Some services even offer ready-made dishes.

Get Active

Do you want to stave off osteoporosis, chronic disease and remain able to care for yourself well into your golden years? If so, exercise is the number one tool in your arsenal.


The benefits of exercise are myriad. According to the CDC, exercise lowers blood pressure, alleviates symptoms of arthritis and mental illness and reduces your risk of developing cardiovascular problems, colon cancer and diabetes. It's also central to maintaining strength, stamina, and mobility as you age.


You don't need to be a gym rat to reap the benefits of physical activity. Older adults can benefit from daily moderate activity such as walking and resistance band training, although including more vigorous activity is smart if your health permits it. Before starting any exercise program, talk to your doctor to establish a safe fitness plan.

Pick Up a Hobby

It's never too late to learn something new. In fact, not only is learning new skills possible, but doing so leads to lasting changes in your brain. And it doesn't matter what hobby you choose as long as it's something new and challenging so you're mentally engaged while doing it.


If you like to get out and about, consider a hobby in bird watching, dancing or acting, or travel. If you're more of a homebody or your health keeps you at home, knitting, creative writing, gardening, and playing a musical instrument are wonderful hobbies to try. Of course, these are hardly all the options. For more fun ideas, check out this list from Kendal at Home.

Connect With Others

The companionship of family and friends is what makes the retirement years truly “golden.” However, for many seniors, relationships dwindle with age. Not only do loved ones pass away, but also seniors tend to spend more time alone at home as they grow older.


Spending time with others isn't just fun, it's also important for your health. If your social life is lacking, make new connections through volunteering or joining a church or community group. If you're single and interested in romantic companionship, consider using a senior dating site to find a match.


There’s no timeline on enjoying life. Even if your diet, exercise regimen and social life aren’t in the best shape today, you still have opportunity to turn it around. Start making changes so you can live your best life during the senior years.


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