Transitions and Passages.

June 28, 2018


Transitions come at all times in our lives and under all conditions. Sometimes they are welcome and others they bring fear and maybe even dread. Bridges are often used to portray transitions because they symbolize the way to get from one place to another with relative ease. I mean consider the alternatives. We could wade through water to get to where we are going or we could cross a busy train track running for our lives, right? Bridges facilitate change. 


In the many transitions that I have passed through in my life, I have always, without exception, learned, grown, and benefited regardless of my fears about change. I think that passages in life are sacred but often we need some assistance to get by. I remember when I was told by my husband that we were going to El Salvador to Pioneer (similar to Missionary but in Baha'i terminology). I was so afraid for my child and my mother because at the time that precious country was going through a civil war.



I did not have anyone to aid me in that transition but through many hours of prayer I was able to put my trust in God and He was my assistance. It would have helped though to have someone to listen and ask just the right questions the answers to which would lead me to rational understanding to go along with the faith that all would turn out alright. Once I got there, a friend of mine named Sally was invaluable in being a bridge of reason that I could cross over into that realm of understanding about the beauty of Salvador and her people. I will be forever grateful for her continued friendship.


Anyway, one of the services that we at C.H.A.T. offer is accompaniment through the transitions in your life. It is coaching in a way but not always goal oriented. We offer a listening ear and from what you tell us we find those truths that you already know but stress has robbed you of the awareness. Let us be your bridge! 














































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