C.H.A.T.? Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?

June 21, 2018


Questions, questions! Our services are varied and it can be hard to see if they all tie together but I assure you that they do. Before I start sharing the services that we offer, I want to remind you of the free hour of Reiki just for subscribing to this website. That is a good deal! Now, here are our services.




We listen carefully so that we can consult with you about your needs and wants. Then, if needed, we can be your voice and advocate. The situations that life presents us with can be dramatic and it feels like the transition that we are going through is taking away our power. We will assist you in finding that empowerment that will get you through the changes. Changes could be you or a family member going to a nursing home, entering home health, a divorce, the birth of a child, abuse in a health care facility, etc. Contact us!





End of Life Doula training was a deep and soul stirring experience for me because I believe so strongly that we should have control over how we die. We should pass on to the next level of existence in the way that we wish. If that is at home with family or in a hospital with medical professionals then everything should be done for oneself and one's family to make the process as affirming as possible. Doulas are non-medical professionals who strive to make the passing as satisfying as possible for all concerned. After the transition, I am trained to coach you in your grief, your setting details in order and any other need that arises.





Training to be a non-legal elder advocate was kind of easy and natural for me because I have been advocating for people my whole life. I also had lots of experience with elder abuse both personally and with others having lived in a nursing home for 6 years. It can swallow you up and make it difficult to see any hope. Families are reluctant to face the possibility that their loved one is being treated in a less than dignified way because the staff is always extra nice. If you are experiencing any negative treatment or you suspect that your loved one may be, there are ways that it can be addressed without repercussions and if there are repercussions, there are ways to handle that as well. Truly, you are not alone!





We all face transitions in our lives and they really are like bridges from one state of being to another. In these transitions, we can feel vulnerable and sometimes alone. Often we need someone to listen and steer us to the resources we need to make the changes and walk across that bridge of change. We are here for you!


So, there you have our services. We are very anxious to serve you! 


With Warmth and Love,







































































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