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This is how mindful thinking is defined {short and sweet}. Mindfulness is remarkably simple. The practice involves bringing your awareness and attention to the present moment while allowing the flurry of thoughts to drift by. Sometimes even the most aware people put brain/body on auto pilot . They search for an answer before hearing the question. Mentally add to the weekly shopping list while going through traffic. Relive a disagreeable conversation while walking the dog. Reach for the coffee cup while thinking about that funny joke someone told yesterday on the bus. Then some let the "whatever " {almost inevitable} mishap ruin/rule the rest of their day. The spilled or broken cup. The dog poo they stepped in. Their mood and attitude is heavy, they expect something else to happen. They just get stuck in the mishap moment. Okay. If you feel yourself slipping into that kind of time

warp thinking you are no longer being mindful. Stop. Take a deep breath. Slow everything down a bit. Avoid multitasking . Live in now, not in the past, not in the future.








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