Almost 60 Years of Living~Yay!

February 10, 2018

In my heart, I feel about 30 years old. My soul rejoices in life as I move through the world and interact with other souls, I don't measure what I say because they are young or old! I celebrate my life no matter how old I am and I am aware that I have and will always have a purpose. Have a listen and look to this fantastic video!



One time I rolled into a beauty salon with a friend. The young woman behind the counter was visibly flustered. She addressed my friend as if I was incapable of speech. I spoke up instantly and responded to her queries. I felt invisible and judged. It was because of my wheelchair and my graying hair. 


This ageism is part of the reason that there is so much elder abuse. Just like the other isms, we make the object of our prejudice less than; an object usually of scorn. Look at the cultures around the world that honor the aged! We are a very natural part of society and have so much to offer. Don't let these attitudes take away your fire!




Please contact us here at CHAT to learn how to keep your soul's fire and love of life going no matter your age!














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