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February 9, 2018

Well folks, it's official. I am a certified End-of-Life Doula affiliated with Doulagivers! I have a bio and everything. Go check it out.







What does that mean? It means that not only am I trained to accompany the dying and thier families through the end of life process but I now have access to great training materials and can offer online and face-to-face training for family members who are facing this process who are often dealing with anticipatory grief, major schedule and life changes, and lack of experience as to their options. Also, I can walk with the patient through the preparation, both practical and spiritual, to leave this world. This includes end-of-life review, creating memory books filled with personal stories for those left behind, and many other services.


I guess I sound fulfilled. I am because I believe that death is a natural stage in life and while it can be fraught with stress, fear, and sadness, it is a kind of birth. I have seen beautiful passages but I have also seen families that are so overwhelmed that making the kind of decisions that need to be made only adds to the grief and stress. That is why there are doulas!


 I am looking forward to doing this aspect of CHAT and I invite you to reach out for a consultation about your needs.





































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