Detectives for Care

December 17, 2017

There are so many incidences of psychological abuse now a days. Especially covert attempts to dismantle self-worth and human value in vulnerable individuals. The elderly and ill, however, are extremely vulnerable to this abuse. Unfortunately, it is also true that anyone can become abusive if they are under enough pressure. This does not excuse it, but, it indicates where changes in our society need to be made. The standards of care in rehab facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health agencies are in need of a major overhaul. The dynamic is caused by a string of attitudes that stretch out to the final end of physical, psychological, financial abuse and neglect.



 So, what is our responsibility as family members, friends, and society? Our first task is the most important basis for all possible changes and that is to CARE about our elders. To see their place in our communities as invaluable. Their wisdom, experience, and understanding are desperately needed today. From caring will spring attention to the quality of their lives and their safety as being paramount. We must be their voices, to see their needs, which often go unspoken out of fear of being a burden, and act upon

those needs.


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Personally, I experienced these psychological and financial abuses in my time in the nursing home. There were some angels  that cared for me to the best of their ability but the low pay, over work, and low standards of training in compassion and empathy, not to mention the lack of character assessment before hiring, made the prevention of abuse very low on the list of priorities and the not so angelic caregivers knew that. Physical abuse was prevented more and swiftly punished because the evidence is often in plain sight. Emotional and financial abuse are not.


We at CHAT, can assist families in knowing what to look for and then what actions to take to stop the abuse of their loved one. Let's have a chat!


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