What Really Goes On In Some Nursing Homes?

November 1, 2017



"But I need a shower. It's been 2 months!" The elder complained.


Would you want to go 2 months without a shower? Would you want your mother or father to be that unsanitary? Believe me when I say that in some and perhaps most facilities neglect and abuse are common occurrences.


The psychology of the situation is key to how these institutions are allowed to continue these practices. The residents are at their mercy, the under-trained and underpaid workers are at their mercy and that makes the possibility of laxity in terms of these behaviors rife. Many of the CNA's have good hearts but after too much time spent working in very stressful circumstances even the best start caring less and less. I will be writing about these factors more in the coming months but today I want to emphasize some truths.


  • You have rights. Enforceable rights, Whether you are the resident, family or friends.

  • There are ways to have your voice heard. All it takes is a willingness to speak up and stay with the process. 

  • There are non-advocates that can accompany you that have your best interests at heart. Truly, you are not alone!





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