Consolation, Energy Healing,
Adjustment & Transformation.
Grief Coach & Energist

I will accompany you through your unique journey with grief, no matter the cause.

  • Consolation– we will work together to find those things that bring you comfort.

  • Healing energy– We will do energy work using Reiki to open up the flow of energy often stopped by grief.

  • Adjustment – when we lose someone or something and we grieve that loss, it leaves an empty space where that person or thing once was in our hearts and lives. What adjustments can you make to fill that space? Nature abhors a vacuum.

  • Transformation – let’s make a new creation that integrates the loss and the lessons learned through the grief.

Healing Energy

Energy exists within all of us and when we grieve that energy is disturbed

I will perform Reiki to free that energy which will help you to grieve fully.


Changes made with small, intentional steps

Loss overwhelms and the idea of change feels huge when the changes from loss are looming over us. Adjustments though are more palatable and doable. I will coach you through these small incremental changes.


You can come out on the other side of grief and loss.

Navigating through grief is not a linear process it is circular and each individual's path through loss is different. There will come a day that you feel transformed and I will be by your side as you discover your particular healing needs.

What will you get when you work with me?

I will walk with you as you discover reserves and resources within your being.

Grief coaching is a process over time where I will ask you questions and actively listen to your answers to see where you are in the stages of grief and to see where your inner knowing is telling you to start this process after a loss. Loss can be of anything. Someone you love, a job, an economic level, or even loss from what we see happening in the world. For example, has COVID 19 changed your life? Are you grieving the old way of being and moving through your days?

Grieving can be a lonely feeling but you are not alone. I will coach you using your own intuition and energy.

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 I will accompany you on your grief journey to find that inner consolation and to remember what things or activities offer you comfort.


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